Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Mateo, CA, to Winnemucca, NV

We drove to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in San Anselmo at 11:00, leaving behind cold and foggy San Mateo, where it was only 59 degrees. There is a good chance that we will be wishing for this weather in the near future

This is our home for the next 21 days.

We had a tight squeeze, but in the end, we made everything fit!

My mom needed a pit stop, so we pulled over at this rest stop. 

We think they tried to make it like an old western town, but it didn't smell so good.

Apparently people did not follow directions on the sign. 

Coming across this sign was a little disturbing.

This is what the actual prison looked like.

We passed this truck three times, but we could never figure out what it was carrying. 

Long, long, long way to go...

Finally! The first sign of civilization!

This was our welcome to Nevada...

You might need this if you visit the WILD WEST SALOON.

Coming up on Day 1's destination!

Sadly, it looks like there is only a Motel 6 in Nevada...

But wait, we found a different motel!

The pool is rather small though...

My dinner - chicken fried steak...Nevada style. Yum!

6 hours in the car, and Grandpa looked like this. 



My Mom


  1. Hysterical!!!!! I loved your first posting! Did you jump in the pool? I love how Katie's Cricut squeezed into the back of the car.

  2. Fortunately or unfortunately, we can relate to all of Day 1, especially the clinic. Well- maybe not the prison part... Small motel, hmmmm---- were there ants?
    Loved the photos! They were very familiar faces.
    Have fun! We'll be looking for Day 2.