Friday, July 15, 2011

Evanston to Cheyenne, WY

Today we traveled from Evanston to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We began our day by eating breakfast at the diner across the street. I ordered some biscuits and gravy. Yum!

Then we headed off for our morning walk along the Bear River. 

The drive through Wyoming was interesting at times. 

When we stopped at a rest stop, I realized that the people in Wyoming must not be very patriotic.

We can't figure out how the flag was cut in half when there was 24 hour surveillance. 

We learned that these wooden fences are used to keep the snow off the highways in the winter. 

After lunch we headed into a thunderstorm. 

Here is a video of the thunderstorm. The rain is so loud that it sounds like hail. 

This is what's happening in the car today. 

On the way to Cheyenne, we got an email from Grandma and Grandpa's friends telling us NOT to stay in the Hitching Post Inn. This is why: 

Unfortunately Grandpa found out that we had to have cancelled 24 hours in advance, so we were stuck at this place. The reason Grandpa had made reservations here in the first place was because this used to be a really nice place where all the state legislators stayed. That was BEFORE the fire...

We didn't expect this when we drove up!

In the empty space that used to be the front building, I found a remnant of tile. 

We think that some chairs were rescued in the fire, but that wasn't the case in our room. 

Grandma's luggage rack was still covered in the ashes from a few months ago. 

Grandpa and I decided to use the free WiFi while my mom and Grandma went shopping at the "Holly Hobby".

We were happy to escape our hotel for a while, and we had a great visit with our friends, the Thomsons. The real trouble though, began at bedtime. First, my mom discovered that her blanket was rather disgusting. But even worse was the dirty shower with hair in it. We had to get someone from the front desk to clean it at 11:30. 

After all that excitement, it was REALLY hard to sleep that night...

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