Friday, July 29, 2011

Heading West

On Wednesday we left Marquette, Michigan, and headed toward Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  There were a lot of interesting signs along the road.  First was the gas station where you can take Pepsi showers.  That sounded a bit sticky to us, so we passed it by.

Next we came across an interesting display in a convenience store, right next to the Twinkies.  Leeches, anyone?

If you forgot to buy your leeches, you could probably find your own at "Leech Lake".

We stopped for lunch at Barker's Island, but we skipped the swimming after seeing this sign.

The funniest part of the trip was when we had a detour.  My mom thought the detour looked too long on the map, so she found an alternate route.  We ended up on the closed road, dontcha know? This video shows a little bit of what that was like.

We drove from Detroit Lakes to Bismarck, North Dakota on Thursday.  It wasn't a very exciting ride, so I don't have any pictures.  Grandma, Grandpa, and I went to see Harry Potter when we got there, while my mom went shopping at Hobby Lobby AGAIN!

This morning we took off from Bismarck, and headed to Livingston, Montana.  This was a long driving day - 8 hours!  We passed some interesting scenery along the way.

The mystery rest areas in Montana are a little confusing.  It's always a challenge to see if there really is one there.

Luckily, we did find one, but it appeared to be full of rattlesnakes.

Montana is known as the "Big Sky Country," but we prefer to call it "Big Bug Country."  Check out our windshield.

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  1. I don't think you can make me swim there either or stop at the rest stop, LOL!