Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winnemucca, NV to Evanston, WY

Today we traveled from Winnemucca, Nevada to Evanston, Wyoming via Salt Lake City, Utah. The scenery in Nevada was interesting at first, but got pretty boring after a while.

 This sign was at our first rest stop. I was expecting to see some cows on leashes, but sadly there weren't any. Instead I saw some roaming freely.

 We found this sign at our second rest stop and decided that we needed to go to the Donner Museum on the way home. Once we got to Utah, we stopped for lunch and I had fun at the state line, as you can see from the video below.

 Getting to the salt...

 We saw this antenna disguised as a tree.

 Salt from the Great Salt Lake

 Here is what we are up to in the car. I'm doing my English homework.

 Grandpa is on his iPad.

 Grandma is driving.

 My mom is reading.

The Great Salt Lake.

We stopped in Salt Lake City to visit the Temple. 

This was a strange rest stop where they had to lock up the soda machine.


Here is a little video about the last 30 miles of todays journey. Pretty scary...

We finally arrived at our Motel 6. 

Apparently people celebrate Christmas all year round up here. 


  1. You guys make me want to go drive cross country. Enjoying all the pictures and reading your blog.

    Be Safe


  2. First, on Day 1, I have seen all of you look MUCH better. You should see someone about that.
    Second, on Day 2, I've known that panicky feeling of not knowing where the next gas station is. You were all very lucky. You were also quite fortunate that Lin and Elly weren't screaming in the background, "Are we there, yet?" for the whole ten miles. At the gas station, did you have any "knock-down-drag-out fights" over who pays for the gas?
    Looking forward to more new adventures. L & D