Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicago, IL

On day 9, my mom, Grandpa, and I dropped Grandma off at her sister's house, and we went to the city of Chicago. 

On the way there, we saw a small gang of motorcyclists. 

We parked right next to Lake Michigan to go to the Field Museum. 

And next to the Field Museum, we saw Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play.  

At the Field Museum we saw Sue, the largest dinosaur ever discovered in the United States. (She was found in the Badlands)  

We even got to see a 3D movie about how they found Sue. We met up with Maureen, David, and Mary at the museum. 

This is Sue's actual head. It weighed too much to be supported by her skeleton, so it was displayed upstairs. 

We then traveled to Ancient Egypt. 

My mom and I turned into mummies. 

After that, we went underground.

I was guessing that this is supposed to be a "scary spider".

When we left the museum, we went in search for the best Chicago deep dish pizza. 

This is the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

This looks like an interesting building, right?

Half of it is a parking garage and the other half is apartments. 

Finally! The moment that I had been waiting for. Pizza!

It was really hot outside, so we stood in any kind of shade that we could find. 

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  1. That's a really nice museum you guys went to. WOW! That pizza is HUGE.