Thursday, July 21, 2011

Council Bluffs, Iowa

This morning we drove back to Grandpa's sister Sue's house in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

My great uncle Emmet has collected many odd items over the years.

I really liked playing with their two dogs, Abby and Rosie. 

Emmet then took us on a tour of the areas flooded by the Missouri River. On the way we saw a man stealing corn from this cornfield. 

The Hitchcock Nature Center was our first stop. While we were there, a man told us about a woman who had to move out of her house and won't be able to move back in until February at the earliest. 

This is Sue and Emmet's old house. The new owners decided to paint it a luscious purple. 

We then drove to the Lewis and Clark Monument for an even better view of the floods. 

You can see in this picture how Interstate 29 gets engulfed by the water. 

Sue, Karen, Grandma, and Grandpa looking out at the water. 

Karen, Grandpa, Grandma, Sue, and Emmet. 

Three of the four Ternus siblings. 

This is the parking lot of the Harrah's Casino.

On many of the bridges, there are interesting pieces of art. 

Emmet, Grandpa, and I needed to take the car for a wash. 

Emmet made some INCREDIBLE filet mignon for dinner. 

On the way to the table, poor Grandma slipped on some water and hurt her leg. 

Grandma looked like Moses with her walking sticks. 

Here is a video of the events surrounding the incident. 

Rosie once again tried to clean up after the dinner. 

The next morning Grandma was set with her cane, and we were ready to drive to Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

By the way, the heat index was 126 degrees when we were in Council Bluffs, Iowa!

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  1. Love the corn picture. I definitely will be looking for that sprinkle picture of my own for the boys bathroom. love it.