Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Springs, SD to Valentine, NE

Today we traveled from Hot Springs, South Dakota to Valentine, Nebraska. But before we left, all of us decided to go on a morning walk along the river. 

Before heading into the Badlands, we stopped for lunch at the historic Wall Drug Store. Grandpa used to go there when he was a little boy. 

After our many disgusting rest stops, we were extremely excited to see the "Deluxe Restrooms". 

Grandpa made a new friend. 

The gift shop had a variety of items to purchase, ranging from the very expensive (NOTE: the dinosaur is $5,700) to the extremely odd...

The view of the Badlands was amazing. 

We also saw some prairie dogs. 

We saw some goats munching on the tall grass. 

These large rocks had multiple colors.

It was extremely hot... 104 degrees!

But for some reason, my mom was cold. 

We stopped at the Ed and Alice Brown's homestead because my mom and grandma wanted to see a sod house. We found out that if we wanted to, we could dress up and pretend that we lived back then.

This was the rest stop for the day. 

Grandpa was showing me some machines and tools that he used to use when he worked on the ranch. 

An old Ford car. 

Entering Nebraska...

I lost my iPod for a while, so I was very sad. 

We saw this creepy guy sitting outside in the heat and video chatting right outside our room. 

This was my great great grandparents' house. 

This was where Grandpa used to swim when he was a kid. 

We went to the cemetery to find my great great grandparents' graves, but we had no luck in finding them. 

This was our motel... 

Just kidding!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Pictures.


  2. I can't believe I kept waiting for your blog to appear in my email!!! Finally, Don told me to get with the program!
    Your trip makes me laugh- what an experience! Love the nighttime chat when you couldn't sleep. And then there was the Hitching Post!!!
    Would love to go to the Badlands and see Mt Rushmore! How lucky you are to visit family and friends along the way!
    Have fun!!! Can't wait to read more!!
    -Lin & Don