Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cheyenne, WY to Hot Springs, SD

Today we traveled from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Hot Springs, South Dakota. When we got there we wanted to go to the hot springs, but "Evans Plunge" is where everyone told us to go. 

This is NOT what we expected. We didn't want a water park; we wanted something more natural.

Grandma and I went to the visitor's center and someone told us that we could go to a stream that runs from the hot springs. Once we got there, we were all thinking the same thing: "Now this is more like it!"

The water was surprisingly warm and enjoyable. 

Even Grandma and Grandpa tried it out!

On our way to Mt. Rushmore we saw some clouds that looked pretty cool. 

This one looks like a dog. 

As you will see later, we didn't pay close attention to the sign. 

We saw some antelope on the hillside. 

It was a little shocking to find some donkeys standing in the middle of the road.

But they were friendly enough to let my mom stand by them. 

The real excitement happened when the buffalo galloped across the meadow. 

Things got a little close when they crossed the street. 

After that we headed on our way to Mount. Rushmore. 

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Theodore Roosevelt

Abraham Lincoln

This is a picture of what it looked like when it was being constructed. 

On the way back to our hotel, there was a beautiful sunset. 

We decided to stop at Dairy Queen, and while we were eating, we saw this pathetic version of a playground. 

These are the rules for the "playground". Notice how on the bottom it says, "Dairy Queen is not responsible for any injuries in the playground." I wonder how a kid could get hurt when there is nothing to play or climb on. 

We stayed at an Americas Best Value Inn, which was a great improvement over the Bates Motel. 

Look, they have shampoo and soap dispensers built right into the shower! Now that's class. 

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